One Year

Spent my morning in this chair, in my studio, just reflecting. On February 15th it going to be a year. One full calendar year  of working harder than I have ever worked.  While I  am preparing paperwork for my taxes, brainstorming new ideas for make-up classes, I am so grateful to God. I have learned so much about myself and have grown tremendously.  I want to say a special thanks to all family, friends, clients and supporters  of The Shawna Elizabeth Skin & Make-up Spa! #shawnaelizabeth #skinspa #makeupspa #thankyouLord #dreamsdocometrueimg_20170201_132330

The Beauty Breakfast

You are invited to The Beauty Breakfast! Saturday 2/11 & 2/18 @ 11am sharp, $69. Learn the THREE essential “C’s” to achieve a flawless eye shadow application: Color Theory, Color Placement & Color Harmony! Light breakfast and all tools will be supplied! Leave armed with the tools to enhance your beautiful eyes. Message me if interested! #shawnaelizabeth #beautybreakfast #lovethyeyeshadow

Back Treatments are a must?

What is a Back Treatment, some people may call it a Back Facial?  A Back Treatment is a deep cleansing for those hard to reach areas…our back.  Usually back treatments  follow the same steps of a facial, they usually start with a cleansing, exfoliation followed by warming the back with steam or warm towels, then finish with the perfect mask to draw out impurities and soothe the skin. Back treatments are also very relaxing.  I recommend a back treatment seasonally. Schedule your Back Treatment today! #lovethyskin #lovebacktreatments

Blend, Blend and Blend


I get so many inquires about eye shadow applications, well heres the key to an even, harmonic eye shadow application…….BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! Blending is key to avoid the harsh lines that form, when you place a color without blending out where the color actually stops.  Blending also offers a smooth transition to a new color when using multiple colors.  Biggest tip- take it slow, load your brush with eye shadow (less is best), place your color on your eyelid, then BLEND!  #shawnaelizabeth #makeupstudio #lovethyblending

No Concealer? Really?

Get UNBLEMISED?  Say Good bye to acne, acne scarring and hyperpgmentation! Adios!  Wake up and have the option to wear make-up or totally be NAKED, because of great looking skin.  As a Make-up Artist and Esthetician, I love make-up and wear it daily but I also love the option to wear nothing!  Call me for a FREE skincare consultation and start the process of getting UNBLEMISHED!


Love thy Skin!

Guess who has partnered with the best Dermatologist in th world?…ME!!! Promise to LOVE THY SKIN!

“So excited to welcome Shawna Elizabeth Holm-Miller and her husband, Kevin, to my team!! As a make up artist and Esthetician, Shawna knows exactly how important skincare is. When she realized how incredible the opportunity was to join Rodan+Fields, she jumped right in. As a business owner already, Shawna knows the value of financial AND time freedom…those kids keep her on her toes! I see big things happening here!!!! Congrats, girl!!!”13494780_10154151292481335_4089943970683549502_n


SEE my ART, is created to promote and share visual inspiration for all artists and make-up lovers. Make-up is my ART! SEE my ART!

Look: Bold Lip!

Colors:  Wine

Tip: Sometimes all you need is a bold lip, it add life to your face immediately.  Be daring, Be confident and find your BOLD (lip that is)!

SEE Tip of the Week!

Spring is officially here! Want to add a little glow to your skin?   Become a chemist!  Add Giorgio Armani’s Sheer Fluid to your foundation or tinted moisturizer.  If you don’t wear foundation or tinted moisturizer you can use Fluid Sheer solo.  Choose the color of your glow, mix (with your foundation) or just apply. You can also customize your glow, if you want more glow, add more Fluid Sheer. Your skin will look healthy and radiant.  Secret-my favorite Fluid Sheer is #10!