2018 Pantone Color of the Year!

The 2018 Pantone Color of the year is ULTRA VIOLET!  If any color speaks to richness and royalty it’s the color Ultra Violet.  I not only love this color, I love the inspiration behind this color choice.  “A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future”.   Ultra Violet also reprents pushing the boundaries, being limitless.  As a Make-up Artist, I get so excited to see cosmetic brands paying tribute to the Pantone color of the year.  This year we will see in fashion, home decor and cosmetics….. Ultra Violet!  Grab something Ultra Violet to represent your limitless power.

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Customers that love My Lipstick Story by Shawna Elizabeth!

Customers that love My Lipstick Story by Shawna Elizabeth!  What colors are they wearing? 1-(far right,top) Sequin Rose, Lipstick  2-Pretty Penny, Lip Glaze  3- Nudish Lipstick w/ Shy Lip Glaze on top  4-Musical Merlot Lipstick  5-Hello Darling Lipstick  6-Bronzed Armor Lipstick  7-Musical Merlot Lipstick!

Please click to place your order https://www.shawnaelizabeth.com/my-lipstick-story


Tell me about your work? Get to know your Make-up Artist!


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I speak to so many brides and people that want their make-up done, but very seldom do I get asked “Tell me about your work?”    If I had to answer this question I would say:

“My work, depends on the job, but if I were to describe it I would say, I always strive to achieve color harmony and effortless glamour.  I love and respect the contours of a face. I have studied color theory and the power of color harmony.  When you have a basic understanding of which colors enhance and compliment your client’s eyes and hair, you now can create a beautiful work of art using a custom palette created just for her.  You can also custom build her cosmetic wardrobe.  During my make-up applications my only goal is to enhance (not transform, unless that’s the job) the beautiful canvas that I have before me.” by SEE

Girls Night Out! Book your Make-up Class!


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The Shawna Elizabeth, Skin & Make-up Studio will now be hosting Girls Night Out, Make-up Classes!  What does this mean? Glad you asked- Gather your girls, choose a make-up class from the Academy SEE courses (below), and come to have fun and learn a make-up technique!  All make-up tools will be provided along with wine and sweets.  All classes are 2 hours and you will leave armed with the tools and cosmetics to show off your new techniques.  What will it be?

Eyeshadow 101

Smokey Eyes

Celebrity Inspired Look

Dressed in the Nude (Light but Significant)

Hi Light & Contour

Seasonal Trends

Schedule your class by calling me @ 646-545-8243, or emailing me @ see@shawnaelizabeth.com

*Al classes will be held at 388 Tarrytown Road, Suite 403, White Plains NY 10607


3 Little Birds #mylipstickstory


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3 Little Birds is a lipstick that reminds me of my core;  my core values, my heritage and who I have become.  My family is a cod fish and dumpling, Bob Marley loving, Jamaican family.  Growing up, food, good home cooked food,  was always abundant and present at all family gatherings .  My mom would cook and listen to reggae music all the time.  Bob Marley was one of the main ingredients to the perfect morning of frying dumplings and plantations.  I remember watching my mom one morning, all smiles, totally happy, cooking and dancing at the same time, occasionally closing her eyes as she felt the music.  She was listening to Bob Marley’s “Don’t Worry” song.  As she sang the song  I remember clearly joining in and singing the chorus ” Three Little Birds, pitch by my doorstep, singin sweet songs of melodies pure and true, saying this is a message to you” .  The 3 Little Birds was a symbol of hope bringing the message that “every little thing gonna be alright”.  That stuck with me and I thought how blessed I was to be apart of a trio, my mom had three daughters ( 3 Little birds), and hopefully my sisters and I could represent a symbol of hope.  I now have my very own 3 Little Birds. The pictures below are of 2 sets of 3 Little Birds, my sisters and I and my 3 children.

The color of this lipstick is a reminder of the perfect sunset,  at Rick’s Café in Negril, Jamaica.

3 Little Birds (glazed)-sheer melon

Story– She is apart of a Jamaican, Bob Marley loving trio, then produced her very own trio.  Click to order https://www.shawnaelizabeth.com/product-page/3-little-birds

Gift of a Story!


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giftstoryWhat if every time you purchase your favorite lip gloss, you also donate a children’s book to a child living in a hospital?  Wouldn’t that be great?  Well… You can!

On September 1st, you can participate in “The Gift of a Story”!  My Lipstick Story by Shawna Elizabeth, is proud to present the Lip Glaze, Fairy Godmother!  Fairy Godmother is the trailblazing Lip Glaze to launch The Gift of a Story.  When you purchase this Lip Glaze, you also purchase a children’s book for a child living in a hospital. It’s a look good and feel good type of product!  For the next year (September 2017- September 2018) all books will be donated to the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital.  The Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital services Westchester County, Hudson Valley, Metropolitan NYC and Fairfield County, CT. Their treatments include, but are not limited to trauma, burn care, heart transplants and neurosurgery. The children at this hospital all have individual stories but I would love your help in blessing them with a BRAND NEW story.

Pre-sales start August 15th, 2017 and your order will be shipped out on August 28, 2017.  Be a Fairy Godmother to a special child and Give the Gift of a Story!

Here’s a Sneak Peek of Lip Glaze, Fairy Godmother…

Fairy Godmother (iced) – baby blush pink

Story– Gift of a Story! When you purchase Fairy Godmother you are also purchasing a children’s book for a very special child living in a hospital.fairygodmother



nothing sweeter than Sweet Lyrics! #sweetlyrics

Pre-Sale is OPEN!  There is nothing sweeter than Sweet Lyrics!  Sweet Lyrics is about using raw authentic poetry as a form of therapy.  Sweet Lyrics is near and dear to me because this story includes my very best friends.  The type of friends that know everything about you, I mean EVERYTHING, and still love you.  I am fortunate enough to have that bond with a few special ladies.  These ladies empower me and we use poetry as a form of release from the daily stresses of life.  We use poetry to express our deepest emotions whether we want to scream, fight, cry, love,  make love or just crack up laughing.  The best of all of this writing was sharing it with each other.  For years I have held on to all these poems, these precious pieces of art and remember the different phases we went through and most of all, what we have overcome.  Sweet Lyrics is about sisterhood, shared strength, wisdom, bondage and our personal melody. I stand here today and truly mean that there is nothing sweeter than Sweet Lyrics…by S.A.K.S!

Sweet Lyrics (iced)-jeweled wine

Story– Poetry is her therapy and she shares it with her best friends…S.A.K.S

sweet lyrics

Presales are OPEN! How to secure your Sweet Lyrics?

Please follow the steps below:
email-SEE@SHAWNAELIZABETH.COM, the following information:
1-name of the color(s) you want (all lip colors are $18)
2-shipping address-(all shipping in US $3)
3-phone number
4-you will receive an invoice for the products via email
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Wanna Beach House for $18? #beachhouse

When I picture the perfect life it always consists of good health, lots of love and a luxury beach house.  I remember thinking to myself I would love a beach house but it’s probably not realistic; it’s way too expensive, I have to save for college for my kids, etc.  I made up every excuse not to believe that this dream of a luxury beach house could ever happen.   I remember listening to an old wise soul one day say, when your dream starts waking you up at night or taking over space in your thoughts, you can’t ignore it or push it to the side anymore.  Well after hearing this I began to pay close attention to this dream that literally is burning a hole in my thoughts.  As of today, I don’t own a beach house but I see it and feel it’s in my future….God’s timing.  This Lipglaze, Beach House, represents my biggest dream and the sunset on a hot, sunny beach.  Wanna a Beach House for $18?  Yes I’ll take a couple!

Beach House (rich)-bright orange
Story- Her biggest dream is to own a beach house…in her mind, she already owns it

Presales are OPEN! How to secure your Beach House for $18?

Please follow the steps below:
email-SEE@SHAWNAELIZABETH.COM, the following information:
1-name of the color(s) you want (all lip colors are $18)
2-shipping address-(all shipping in US $3)
3-phone number
4-you will receive an invoice for the products via email
5-upon receipt of your paid invoice, you order will be processed and shipped out on June 10th


It’s all about Pretty Penny! #prettypenny


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My Lipstick Story Presales are now OPEN!  Please message me with the lip color(s) of your choice and it will be shipped out on June 10th, before the official launch on June 14th.  Today it’s all about Pretty Penny!  The story behind Pretty Penny is -she is authentic, smart and your very best friend.  The longer version of this story is that Pretty Penny will always keep it real with you, that means she will always tell you the truth even if it hurts your feelings.  She will always be there for you and have your back even if it’s not always reciprocated.  She is super smart from life lessons. Life has not always been easy for her but she will shock you with her strength and endurance.  She is physically beautiful, with or without make-up and she knows it! She is a rare jewel, or should I say jewel tone.  Love thy Pretty Penny!

Pretty Penny (iced)-Copper Pearl
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pretty penny