What’s your Beauty Horoscope?

Check your level, by looking through your make-up bag….







The basic young lady is low maintenance, has just the very basics to make her self look well groomed.  She is very natural and doesn’t want to appear that she is wearing anything.  She will not invest money or too much time in cosmetics.  She will make sure her eye brows are groomed but that’s about it.


The Basic Make-up Bag


Lip gloss (clear or a hint of color)

Lip balm (or Vaseline)

Hand lotion

Comb (Hair)


Basic Plus

The basic plus young lady is slightly curious about cosmetics. She is not ready to invest a great deal of money in cosmetics, but will take hand me downs. She will experiment with color but it has to be close to natural, that’s her comfort zone.  She will carry all her cosmetic hand me downs and inexpensive cosmetics in one bag. Her cosmetic bag is probably a free gift from one the cosmetics counter, or something very inexpensive.

Basic Plus Make-up Bag


2-3 Eye Shadow (hand me down or a free gift)

2 Lipsticks (came with a free gift)

Black Eyeliner

Lip gloss (clear or a hint of color)

Lip balm (or Vaseline)

Hand lotion

Comb (Hair)

Just in Case

The just in case young lady has quite a few make-up options and looks.  She will invest in cosmetics, but has to love them in the store.  She doesn’t buy cosmetics that won’t speak to her while she is in the store. She depends on a cosmetic sales person to show her how to apply her make-up.  She only buys a few pieces of make-up at a time, and mostly because it’s an occasion.  She will experiment with different ranges of color from naturals to rich pigments. She is starting a make-up stash that is growing and too big to fit all her pieces in one bag.  So she has a stash of make-up at home and only carries a select group of pieces in her make-up bag, just in case.


Just In Case Make-up Bag


Eye Shadow (natural color, probably with sparkles)

Eye Liner (black or a dark brown)

2-Lipglosses (one is a clear, and the other is a natural color)

Brow Gel

Face powder

Lip balm

Hand Lotion

Comb (Hair)


Ready for Anything

The ready for anything young lady could start her own make-up counter.  She is knowledgeable about cosmetics and probably knows the active ingredients in her make-up.  She knows how to customize looks for different occasions and she knows cosmetic trends.  She probably has a subscription to Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Glamour or Allure. She may even be a borderline cosmetic junky.  She buys cosmetics that she probably only will wear once or never.  She doesn’t need an occasion to purchase make-up.  She’s ready for anything because after she has decided her wardrobe, she then decides her make-up, to guarantee a polished look.  She doesn’t mind spending an abundant amount of money on cosmetics. Seeing all her make-up gives her a high.  She customizes her make-up bag with cosmetics that will make her ready for anything in minutes. 


Ready For Anything Make-up Bag



Blot Powder/ Blot film

Eye Shadow Primer

Eye Shadow Quad (4colors, 2neutrals, 2 trend colors)

Small Brush Set

Brow Pencil w/comb

2 Eyeliners (Black & Brown)

Bronzer or Blush

2 Lip Liners

3 Lip glosses

Lipstick (opaque, pop of color)



Fresh Kit

Comb (Hair)



Purse size Perfume Spray