Ok Brides, this is my take on these celebrity brides make-up.  Please allow this to merely be used as a form of inspriration to help you narrow down your make-up look for your wedding. Do you want your make-up to read Elegance, Simplicity, Glamorous, Hot,  etc.  See how our celebrity brides are categorized!


Elegant & Fresh- The Duchess, Kate Middleton

We first have to start to off with the new Duchess Kate Middleton.  Kate Middleton’s Bridal make was a great example of Elegant and Fresh. Her Eyes extra smoky with a charcoal effect, everything else, light and fresh.   Her brows were well defined and kept full.  Her eye make is what helped light up her face.  Her lids were sculpted with a charcoal like color and blended lightly to the crease to meet the natural color that highlighted her brow bone.  Her eyes seem to be lined in the same charcoal color and mascara well defines her the bottom lashes.  Her skin, fresh and matte with a hint of natural sheen.  Her cheeks and lips a beautiful and pink.  Because of the light ad rich cheek and lip color, it was the prefect balance for her smoky eye.  The Duchess kept it Elegant and Fresh!

There are so many other celebrity brides that have commited to keeping their bridal make –up  Fresh.  They all have a different twist.  Let’s take the celebrity twins, Tia and Tamera Mowry, on their wedding day.


Simple & Fresh- Tia Mowry 

Tia Mowry- is a great example of Simple and Fresh! On her special day she did simple and fresh, from head to toe.  Her hair beautiful and classic updo, pulled to the side and low. Her make- up, simple and fresh with a twist of mocha and champagne.  Her eyes were perfect for this simple and fresh look.  A hint of the mocha /champagne like color on her lids blended to the crease and a natural brow bone.  Her brows, beautiful and contoured, and seem slightly lighter in color.  I love that her brows are lighter because they don’t dominate her face but is a beautiful accessory.  Her bottom lid has a drop of the same (mocha and champagne) color smudged lightly.  She also has  false lashes on, not the kind that weighs down the lid, but the kind that’s a natural enhancement. Her skin, fresh and matte with a slight contour under the cheek bone.  It looks as though she has a slight dust of pink on the cheeks and an ice mocha lip color. Ta…dah simple and fresh it is! 











What about her twin?



Elegant & Fresh- Tamera Mowry

Tamera Mowry- a little different from her twin.  Tamera’s overall look is a little more formal and elegant, including her make-up.  Her eyes are beautiful, a fleshtone natural like color coats her lid and a hint of a contour color in her crease.  She also has black eyeliner, slightly winged out, and she is lashy!  She is wearing false lashes and it enhances her classic beauty.  Her skin glowing, not matte but a natural glow, almost a little sunkissed.  The color peach on her cheeks and lips, matches her wedding party and add to her elegance.  Tamera’s make-up is consider…Elegant and Fresh!











Glamorous & HOT!!!- Lisa-Raye McCoy

Lisa-Raye looked like a goddess,  with those beautiful light brow eyes, her make-up artist chose the perfect combination of colors to add glamourous eye drama.  Her lids seem to be coated with  a shades of purple, and blended out to a natural color with a drop of shimmer.  Her eyes were lined in black, which helped to really pop her eye color and compliment the purple.  She wore false lashes that added added more glamour.  Her skin, seemed sunkissed and glowing, not matte at all.  Her cheek and lip color a natural peachy brown, the perfect combination of colors to balance the eye make-up.  Her make-up was balanced ( meaning eyes not competing with the lips and cheeks) and perfectly Glamorous! 











What kind of bride will you be? Part #2- Coming Soon!