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Inspired by Mayda, Beach Wedding

what’s the story?

Mayda is getting married on a beautiful white sandy beach in the Dominican Republic.  Mayda would like a simple classic look that would be suitable for the beach.  Mayda does not want to feel like she is wearing make-up so she needs a look that is glamorous, suitable for the beach but most important light- weight and timeless.  The look that I designed for Mayda is classic and the color palette is peachy bronzy.  Let’s get married and look stunning!

Eyes are the windows to the soul, they should be enhanced and made to look very bright and open!


Step#1-Prime your eyelids

 MAC Paintpot-“Bare Study”- this is a creamy product, use a thin layer all over the lid (from lash line up to the brow bone).  This product will be used as a primer to extend the life of your eye shadow and to make your eye shadow color more vibrant.

Step#2- Eye shadow

Christian Dior- 5 Couleurs-“Rosy Tan, 754”- Color Key– Top Left-Pink, Top Right-Dark Brown, Bottom Left Bronzy, Bottom Right- Champagne, Center (CD)-Peachy.   Apply  Peachy (CD) to the outer lid (from the lash line to the crease), Apply Champagne (BR) to the outer lid, Apply Dark Brown (TR) to the crease.

 Step#3– Eyeliner

MAC Fluidline “Dipdown Brow”-this is a gel eyeliner and should be used with an angled eyeliner brush (MAC 266).  Dip your brush in the gel eyeliner and apply to the top lid (directly above the lash line and from the inner corner to the end of your lash liner).  Slightly extend the eyeliner beyond the lashes to get a winged look.

Step#4-Mascara, use black mascara to fully coat the top and bottom lashes

Even out your skin to create an even and flawless palette!


Make-up Forever-Mat Velvet Plus “Color-60 or 65” (double check the color) – This is a velvet matte liquid foundation with a medium coverage.  Apply foundation lightly all over, work around the eye area, be careful not to disturb your eye shadow application

Contour your face with Bronzer!

 Bare Minerals Bronzer “Warmth”- Apply “Warmth” lightly along the cheekbone (towards the ear) and lightly dust across the  forehead.  Bronzer is meant to create a sun kissed look, apply only where the sun would naturally hit the face.

Get ready to Blush!

MAC Blush “Ambering Rose”- this blush is in the coral (burnt orange) family.  Apply lightly only to the apples of the cheeks (can’t find your apples…smile).

First Kiss Lips!

MAC Lipstick- Viva Glam 5- this lipstick is neutral with a hint of peach, apply to the lips and define the cupids bow, then apply MAC Lustreglass “Love Nectar”.  Apply Love Nectar on top of the lipstick, this creates a rich neutral lip.  If you love lip liner I recommend MAC Lip liner “Cork”.  Apply lightly and blend in to create a natural line.

Extra Tips

-Waterproof Mascara

-If you cry, pat dry.  Do not rub or wipe

-Carry MAC blot film, this film is made to keep you looking fresh and absorb oils without disturbing your  make-up application

-If your dress is strapless, or if any part of the upper chest is exposed please use a shimmering bronzer.  Use the bronzer along the chest area and the arms.  I would recommend MAC loose “Golden Bronzer”