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This poem is dedicated to all my Artistic Dreamers….Dreams do come true!

I heard it today,
My gift is my seed
I heard it clearly, not a whisper, not a raised voice, but a voice of distinction
This gift you give me, my seed, am I suppose to plant it, and then all of a sudden be this farmer?
Me, in overalls, a straw hat, playing in dirt….I don’t think so

My gift is my seed, but will it keep me from starving?
Will it comfort my heart burn?
Will it fill many plates at my dinner table?
Will love and logic both celebrate this victory?

My gift is my seed, I heard it again!
Then why are all these side roads showing me a short cut, a detour,
One that promises to fill my plate but neglects my heart
Promising me that I don’t have to wait, plant seeds, water or even get my hands dirty,
I can eat abundantly today, but no promise to fix my heart condition

My gift is my seed
Today I declare I am an official farmer, studying, planting, turning soil and awaiting my harvest,
I was promised that this seed if planted correctly will cure my heart burn and will fill plates even after I am called home
I will have inspired so many others to become farmers, planting seeds of different kinds,
And US sharing this beautiful garden of abundance
We will feed each other and we shall not want for anything
Your gift is your seed, you heard it today…..