I was so blessed to be given the opportunity to be apart of Oprah’s “The Life You Want Weekend”.  Although this was a working weekend for me, and I could not experience hearing her nuggets of wisdom, I was proud to be apart of the whole renewal experience for women.  I was contracted to be a Make-up Artist for Covergirl, in Oprah’s Village, called “O Town”.  As one of 6 Make-up Artists, our goal was to add to the renewal experience by introducing beautiful women to the Covergirl brand,  give a renewed make over, and offer makeup tips and recommendations.  I noticed 90% of the women I had the pleasure of making pretty wanted a NEW and RADIANT look. I received very few requests for a  natural look.  I had many requests for Smoky Eyes, and we had women that gave us the permission to do whatever we wanted artistically…. “have your way with me”.  I was happy and thrilled to witness so many empowered women, committed to renewing their lives, and being present at the very beginning of their commitment.  I experienced  all smiles, huge hugs and teary eyes (even though it threatened the perfect smoky eyes I created), as they shared with me Oprah’s messages.  I was so happy to hear so many different point views from one consistent message of Renewal.

The makeup applications these women received had to match this renewed sense of beauty they felt.   Their skin had to be flawless and glow to match the light that was on internally (used Covergirl, Trublend).   Their eyes and lips were well defined and popped to show their found renewed spirit and confidence ( used products from the Covergirl Queen Collection) and most of my make-up applications ended with a WOW, a huge and then a diva pose for the camera, ( I call a “Hello Darling Moment”).  I must say…I love my job!

*Celebrities graced us with their presence and support in O Town, (Gayle Oprah’s BFF, Jasmine Guy, etc. too many to name) but when Oprah’s heels hit the floors of “O Town”, all you heard were screams, screams of admiration, screams of people realizing that she is right in front of you.  I wanted to also scream, but because of the professional make-up Artist I am (LOL), I acknowledged her presence with the biggest smile my face could handle, LOL.  Oprah was fully guarded by security at all times (because of the people that couldn’t control themselves), but still  very personal.  All I could say throughout the day, was Thank You Lord for this opportunity!   

Although I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the women that I beautified, I was allowed to capture some of this inspiration (please enjoy below).

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