It’s all coming together! I had to pick out paint colors and this was a challenge for me. I was so sure I wanted a soft white until I arrived at Sherwin Williams. What a confusing assortment of whites? What I thought might take me about 15 minutes took me 2 visits and a 30 minute discussion with the paint swatches. I’m not complaining in the least bit, completely overjoyed and loving every phase of this process. I finally selected my two paint colors…drumroll….Aesthetic White and Extra White! I know, it’s hard to get excited about white, but as you can see they are different. I was keeping in mind the colors of my logo and decided to do a neutral color on the walls, so the only true color that will stand out is from pictures hanging on the wall AND…. my REDchaise. This red chaise is special to me and I have had this chaise for over 10 years. It’s old, comfortable, familiar, have been through tears and laughter, the color is still perfect and it’s a reminder of my walk. While everything else can be brand new, I need my red chaise!

Now it’s time to shop for picture frames? What color? Black or Silver? Probably I should wait until the paint is on the walls….hmmmm. #lovingthisprocess #dreamsreallydocometrue #shawnaelizabeth #makeupstudio #lovethylipstick #dreamhuge