Dreams really do come true and I am living my dream! I  have been officially open for a little over a week and I feel amazing.  I never want to go home. I have never experienced this feeling working for corporate America. If I am not with a client, I am trying to find a new client.  I am constantly handing out cards and letting women know what I do, all in one quick (run on) sentence. Usually I say  “Hi I’m Make-up Artist Shawna Elizabeth, I just opened up a Make-up Studio, where I do Make-up Classes, Lashes, Brows, Mini Facials and of course Make-up!” Most women have questions or want clarity, so that’s my conversation starter and my pick up line, LOL!  I am also trying to get my loyal customers use to coming to my new studio versus me traveling to them. Most of them love the comfort of getting their make-up done in their home, I’m fine with that and will continue to travel to service them.  I have decided to host small make-up classes in my studio, where the class size will max out at 5.  So now, Smoky Eyes and Wine, will be offered on a weekly basis, every Friday night at 6:30 pm! Super Excited!

I still haven’t finished decorating, just realized how picky I am. My wall of mirrors is complete but I still have to get more picture frames.  I have to pick other small embellishments but I realize that this is a process. Living a DREAM is also a process, so I am happy, blessed and always dreaming. I thank you for kind words of encouragement and prayers!
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