Dreams really do come true and I am living my dream.  Love my life! I have never worked so hard in my life, but I promise you,  I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I am grateful! Thank you LORD! I am up early, I go to bed late and even when I am in bed, under the covers, my mind continues work. To completely exit work mode I have to think about my second favorite place…. the beach!  “The” 1st favorite place right now is “The Shawna Elizabeth, Make-up Studio!  I have noticed the number one service that has been taking over my studio is “Brows”. People are now seeing the value of having great shaped brows, asking how to maintain them and recommendations on brow fillers.  I love doing brows!  Besides being a Make-up Artist, I truly consider myself a Brow & Lash Architect! Tip- full brows are in!  I will be hosting a Spring Trend Masterclass soon, I will post the date soon.  Gotta go back to grinding! Everyday I’m hustlin (in my Rick Ross voice) #shawnaelizabeth #makeupstudio #dreamsreallydocometrue #livingmydream #browarchitect #lasharchitect #hustlin #grinding