When I picture the perfect life it always consists of good health, lots of love and a luxury beach house.  I remember thinking to myself I would love a beach house but it’s probably not realistic; it’s way too expensive, I have to save for college for my kids, etc.  I made up every excuse not to believe that this dream of a luxury beach house could ever happen.   I remember listening to an old wise soul one day say, when your dream starts waking you up at night or taking over space in your thoughts, you can’t ignore it or push it to the side anymore.  Well after hearing this I began to pay close attention to this dream that literally is burning a hole in my thoughts.  As of today, I don’t own a beach house but I see it and feel it’s in my future….God’s timing.  This Lipglaze, Beach House, represents my biggest dream and the sunset on a hot, sunny beach.  Wanna a Beach House for $18?  Yes I’ll take a couple!

Beach House (rich)-bright orange
Story- Her biggest dream is to own a beach house…in her mind, she already owns it

Presales are OPEN! How to secure your Beach House for $18?

Please follow the steps below:
email-SEE@SHAWNAELIZABETH.COM, the following information:
1-name of the color(s) you want (all lip colors are $18)
2-shipping address-(all shipping in US $3)
3-phone number
4-you will receive an invoice for the products via email
5-upon receipt of your paid invoice, you order will be processed and shipped out on June 10th