Book Review

Title- Fine Beauty

Author- Sam Fine

In A Nutshell: This book is great! It starts out with a section named”Make-up 101”, which focused on make-up artistry tools and how to tips.  Fine offers tips in individual segments from foundation, eyebrows, eyeshadows, blush, lipstick, mascara, etc.  My favorite segments are on eyebrows (lightening the brows and the huge difference) and the Contouring and Highlighting segment.  Fine has amazing make overs, where each make over is focused on a different theme.  He shows before and after’s in categories such as Natural beauty, corporate chic, timeless glamour, and my favorite Maximum glamour.  In the maximum Glamour make-over he uses Rupaul and shows his before and after. Fine also has a Stargazing segment. This section is dedicated to celebrity makeovers and Fine’s personal experience working with them. He has had the honor of working on celebrities such as Tyra Banks, Patti LaBelle, Vanessa Williams, and Naomi Campbell, just to name a few. One of my favorite parts of this book is the last section “Fine friends”.  In this section, Fine give each of his hi profile friends a personal profile, that tells us abut their current position, how they got started, their first big break and their advice to others.  Fine’s friends are Lloyd Boston, Art Director, Angelo Elerbee, Publicist, Jerri Baccus Glover, Marketing Director, Bethan Hardison, Talent manager,  and Mikki Taylor, Beauty Editor, just to name a few.