Eye Shadow Basics 101

 Follow these 6 steps to give your eyes a whole new wardrobe!


Clean Face

Groomed Brows

3+ Eye Shadows

Eye Shadow Brushes

Eye Liner


1-Primer An eye shadow primer is to provide a base coat, which will enhance any eye shadow color you apply on top, and to absorb oils, so that your eye shadow is crease resistant and has “staying” power. Apply a thin coat of primer all over the eyelid (from the lash line to the brow).

 2-Lid Color Apply the lid color from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eyelid.  Bring your lid color up to where the eye naturally creases. Use a blending (fluffy) brush to blend away any hard lines.  Notice that your lid has three distinct sections inner (closest to the nose) middle and outer, for a more advance technique, you can use different colors in each section.

 3-Crease Color The crease color shapes the eye and adds a contour that can be natural or dramatic depending on what color eye shadow is used. It is recommended to apply your crease color with a small head fluffy brush or some vendors make crease brushes. The crease color should mimic a small “V”, starting from the outer lash line and following the contour of the eye.  You can bring the crease color midway or across the full length of the eye.  Blend crease color in a wind shield wiper motion. For a quick smoky eye- use a deep pigmented color in your crease (black, dark brown, etc.)

4-Brow Bone Directly under your brows, is your brow bone.  To create color harmony, it is recommended to use a light shade of color.  This color should not compete with the lid or crease color.

 5-Eye Liner Eyeliner should be applied directly above the top lash line.  For a more dramatic look you can apply eyeliner, on the bottom lid and under the top lash line.

 6-Mascara Apply mascara through the full length of the lash, starting at the base of the lashes, and slightly shaking the mascara wand through to the tip of the lashes. Repeat