How to add Glamour in 10 minutes?

Get Lashy! Get Beautiful!

Get Lashy in minutes, and lashes you can do all by yourself.   Change your look, enhance your natural lashes, or head for a transformation.  Lashes will do it!  Now you hold the key to the lash bar, all you have to do is decide your desired “lashy” look and follow the simple steps to Get Lashy!

Lashes are Timeless

The creation of false lashes date back to 1916, by film director, D.W. Griffith.  Lashes were initially created for dramatic transformations in movies and theatre.  Then over the years they have become apart of many Beauty icons make –up routine.  Celebrities from all media outlets (Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Rupaul, etc.) loved the look of fabulous long full lashes. Today this fashion trend continues.  

How to Get Lashy? Tools needed

-Mirror (preferable an adjustable mirror with lights)


-Lash Curler

-Scissors (to customize width if needed)

-Duo Adhesive


  1. Curl natural lashes and swipe a coat of  mascara
  2. Identify which lash is for which eye ( right or left)

(HINT- usually the inner corner of the lash (close to your nose) is distinguished by a shorter length; the outer corner of the lash (closer to your ear) is usually longer in length

  1. Carefully remove the lashes from the packaging

-you can use tweezers and gently grab one end & gently pull the lash from the packaging (a peeling motion)

-or use your thumb and slide the lash in a downward motion

  1. Take the lash and measure the width (from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye) against your own natural lashes, if the false lash band is too long (as far as width) use a scissor to cut and tailor the false lashes to perfectly fit the width of your natural lash line
  2. After you have customized your lashes, place a thin stripe of Duo Adhesive on the lash band
  3. Remember the false lashes are supposed to be placed directly on top of the natural lashes, but is to be adhere to the skin directly above the natural lash line, HINT-just for a little help with placement,  use a dark eye liner and draw a thin line directly above your natural lash line ( try to draw the line very close to your natural lash line), this line is your target mark to place your false eyelashes
  4. Place the false lashes, and slightly adjust to perfectly fit and allow a few minutes to dry in place

Individual Lashes

Do you want more Individuality?

 For Best Results – Please consult your lash technician

Shawna Elizabeth

Certified Make-up Artist