First Base- Time 2 Prime


The key to a long lasting and flawless make-up application is to prime.  Similar to a state of the art paint job, in order to achieve color pay off and a lasting impression, it is recommended to use a primer.  In the world of cosmetics, a primer serves as a base and usually has different functions, depending on the primer.  We have primers for the face, eyelids and lips.  Each primer has one thing in common, to coat and prep the skin for the next step, which is usually a make-up application.  I will discuss my favorite primers.  Primers that give ultimate “staying power”, color pay off and much much more!


After applying moisturizer (I prefer a tinted moisturizer) and eye cream the very next step before applying make-up is priming.  Some primers serve a dual purpose, as a moisturizer and a primer.  I use a primer to reduce texture and fine lines and to extend the life of my make up application. My favorite primer is from Bare Escentuals.  Prime Time, bareVitamins is an award winning primer.  I use it on all my make-up applications.  Primetime helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and uneven texture in your skin.  It has vitamins C & E, and plant extracts to soothe your skin. It’s also preservative free.  It feels WONDERFUL on your face.  You only need a small amount and it leaves your skin feeling silky, smooth and matte at the same time.  It creates a smooth canvas for your foundation to lay on. Primetime extends the life of your foundation, and it prepares your skin for a flawless make-up application.


Before applying any eye cosmetics (eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara), I definitely recommend a primer.  Because your eyes stay open at least 50% (mine stay open 75%) of the day or more, a primer helps your eye make-up stay put.  It’s very important to know what type of skin you have around your eyes (your lid and under your eyes).  This is going to help you pick a primer that caters specifically to your eye needs (meaning if you have oily lids you want a primer with oil absorbers).  I have two favorite eye primers; MAC paints and MAC paint pot. If I need to wear my make-up ten plus hours, and for it to be totally crease resistant, I wear the MAC paints.  It comes is a small metallic like tube Although the tube is small, a little goes a long way.  MAC paints come in a variety of colors.  So you have the option to wear it alone or enhance the color you put on top.  Although you can wear it alone, I prefer it as a base.  This product goes on creamy but dries to a powdery finish. It is very important that you apply a thin layer.  My other favorite primer is the MAC paint pot.  I use this product for its dual purpose.  It also comes in a variety of colors and finishes (matte or slightly metallic).  This product I sometimes wear alone.  Because of the beautiful colors the paint pots are available in, I find myself sometimes wearing it as a primary shadow.  My favorite colors are Indian wood (bronzy/gold) and Abstract (burgundy/wine).  Paint pots can also be worn as a base to enhance any eye shadow color you choose to put on top.  I recommend that you use shades that are similar to the base color.  Paint pots are creamier in texture than MAC paints.  They don’t dry down to a powdery finish, but the finish is still long wearing.  I still recommend that you use a thin layer.  It comes in a glass jar, and a little goes a long way, just remember to close the jar after every use.


Have you ever had the most perfect red lipstick and after about an hour of wearing it, it starts to bleed or feather out?  Because I am a huge fan of red lipstick (or any other rich pigmented color), this has happened to me several times. Although there are several products on the market, that claim to prevent feathering and bleeding, I still haven’t found the perfect lip primer for me.  I have put together a recipe that works best for me.  The first thing I do is use Mineral Veil powder, from Bare Mineral.  I also recommend any loose blot powder or any kind of powder that has a form of oil absorbers (talc, silica, corn starch).  I use a small amount of mineral veil buffed on my lips and around my lips.  Then I line my lips with a pencil lip liner (not a roll up lip liner), the drier the lip liner the better.  I then apply my lipstick, I try not to use glossy or moist textures.  After I apply my lipstick, I slightly (very lightly) dust mineral veil again.  I use a small amount of concealer on an angle brush and apply around my mouth (this defines your new red lips more and it helps prevents feathering, blend very well).  Then I retouch my lip liner and place a small amount of red lip gloss in the center of my bottom lip.  So overall, my primer for lips, are Mineral Veil and MAC studio finish concealer.  This process makes my lipstick bullet proof and bleeding and feathering doesn’t happen.