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Last week I had the pleasure of being the Key Make-up Artist for a Victorian photo shoot.  I was so excited I could hardly sleep the night before.  The photographer that requested me for the photo shoot was an old friend, Photographer, Monica Marrow.  Monica didn’t start out as a friend, I met her years ago in Atlanta, GA, and she was the first photographer that took professional pictures for my make-up  portfolio. Fast forward about 10 years now, we are doing a  Victorian photo shoot, in Westchester NY where we now both live (what a coincidence?).  All models were hand picked by Monica,  all wardrobe created and designed by Monica, the setting of the photo shoot an Asian Garden.   I arrived at the shoot ready to do Make-up and I had an adrenaline rush, when I saw the wardrobe.  It was a collection of stunning, one of a kind pieces.  I couldn’t believe that this photographer, Monica, was not only a talented photographer, but a fashion designer and director with a keen eye. I was in awe all day and felt privileged to work with such a Jill of all trades. Below I have posted some snapshots of the day.  I will update when I get the official photos from Monica.  Hopefully theses snapshots will inspire your creative juices to flow.  “We have the power to create” SEE,   #lovethylipstick #lovemylife #makeismyart #monicmarrow

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