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Ladies, if it’s a must to wear concealer under your eyes, to conceal darkness, or to brighten , then an eye cream or eye serum, or both, to prep the eye is a MUST!  Because of the purpose of concealers (to cover), some are naturally heavier in coverage and have more opaque pigment.  Some full coverage concealers are even drier in texture.  So if your eye area is not moisturized before you apply your favorite full coverage concealer, you might end up with pronounced fine lines and texture under your eyes.  To reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and texture under the eyes, I recommend you apply a serum and eye cream before you apply your concealer, especially for the ladies that love a full coverage concealer.  The goal is to hydrate and treat the eye area before you conceal.  A luminous and well hydrated eye area gives the appearance of a healthy and younger eye.  Who doesn’t want to look young? Get an eye serum and eye cream….please!